Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday Morning Dump

It was a big night at AT & T park last night. Felipe Lopez, Austin Kearns and Brian Schneider all homered to lead the Nats past the Giants 8-6.

That pushes the Nationals' record to 7-1 over their last 8 games. The only good thing about this Bonds hoopla is that people oustide of the DC area are finally getting to see the highly underrated Nationals in action. This is not the most talented team in MLB by any stretch of the imagination, but they play sound, tough baseball night in and night out. Manny Acta deserves serious consideration for Manager of the Year. A team that many people thought would be historically bad is on pace to finish in the top 10 in the NL in defense, and sure as hell won't finish far from .500. With a plethora of young arms, an excellent manager and franchise 3B Ryan Zimmerman close to becoming a major star, the Nationals are a lot closer to contending than people give them credit for.

Go Nats.

As far as Bonds goes? Whatever. We already said here at PGD that it doesn't matter all that much. Everyone hates him and A-Rod is going to break the record eventually anyway. So soak up the attention Barry. As far as anyone can tell, the reason you started juicing in the first place was because you were jealous of all the attention McGwire and Sosa got in 1998. If that is the main reason you chose the path you took, then that is truly unfortunate. You were a surefire Hall of Famer already at that point. Hope the record and current attention is worth all the shit you've gone through over the past few years. Not to mention the backne and enormous freak sized head.

In other news:

BQ ended his holdout, signing a 5 year deal worth up to $ 30 million with $7.75 million guaranteed. Basically, the asshole held out for $250,000. Fortunately, if Browns history has proven anything, its that their first round picks have a tendency to bust or get hurt. I can't decide if it would be better for Quinn to be a total bust on his own merit, or suffer a horrific leg injury. As long as one or the other happens, it's all good.

That's it for now. Bonds and Quinn. Shitty way to start the day, we know. It's too fucking hot here in DC to deal with anything else.
Enjoy reading all the ubiquitous Bonds coverage/reaction/bullshit. PGD is done talking about Bonds. Quinn won't be so lucky.

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AK said...

I've got money that says if Bonds retires after this season that A-Rod has a great chance to break the HR record before Bonds makes it to Cooperstown.

Which would be an absolute riot, no matter how much you may hate A-Rod.

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