Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Superliga proves vastly entertaining in inaugural tournament

Let me start off by saying I'm not trying to cram soccer down anyone's throat. However this deserves mention.

As with all sports you have some high scoring games and some low scoring games. But this is something else entirely.

This game was on one of my nearly 6,000,000 local Spanish cable channels (hyperbole, but I swear Cox has got like 50 channels of this shit and Telefutura has the best music by far). As with my nightly television watching I started out by firing up the guide and hitting 2, the lowest channel, which happens to be TF. I see "futbol" is on. I laugh to myself at this brilliant description (I'm dead serious, Cox requires you to hit the info button just to see who is playing) and decide to check it out.

My initial reaction: WHAT THE FUCK? It's 4-0 LA...and only 18 minutes have passed. I figure nevermind this, 4-0 in the first half of a soccer game is equivalent to a 31-7 halftime lead in any type of American football.

I turn back later, half hoping it's something absurd like 8-0, but it's progressed in rather pedestrian fashion. It's 4-1 and I'm about to switch when LA passes a ball directly to an FCD striker, and he dinks it to All-Star Juan Toja for a fairly routine tap-in past keeper Joe Cannon.

Eh, I think. Interesting, but since my ears are nearly bleeding from the Telefutura announcer screaming "gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol" I decide to pass and went back to my room to watch some BBC shows I downloaded (cheerio, great TV across the pond).

This morning I'm doing the usual checking of scores and news when I stumble upon this scoreline.

Again, WHAT THE FUCK? Not only did LA need a 6th goal to win, Dallas scored on a bicycle kick...only to have it disallowed because Carlos Ruiz was offside.

Donovan also had a great run to score on LA's 5th goal. It's too bad he plays like such a bitch on the national team. He really should be in Europe anyway.

Fans at Pizza Hut Park in Dallas sure as shit go their money's worth last night, even if David Beckham was still sidelined.

Cheers to the tons of assholes who showed up with anti-Beckham signs. He didn't play, you looked like a bunch of dicks, AND you got a 6 spot put up on you by arguably the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the league.

I've caught a few games from this Superliga (MLS vs. Mexican club teams) and it's been worth watching.

Too bad ESPN would rather fucking show their audience retarded 3 year old poker tournaments and Mother's Auto Shows than actual sports. More on E!SPN's mentally retarded approach to sports coverage some other time.

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