Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Morning Dump

The first weekend featuring football in way too long is damn close. It's about time. Some floaters for you to poke around at:

Looks like Mike Vick has a supporter in one Donovan McNabb. Eagles fans everywhere should want less talking and more practice from Donovan. By all acounts he has looked like shit so far in camp. Kevin Kolb, hilarious draft pick, is waiting in the wings. (Washington Post)

Is Lindsey Lohan's career already over? What happened to that wholesome girl from The Parent Trap? Dennis Quaid is very, very dissapointed in you, slut bag. (

Brian May, the guitarist from Queen, is all set to get his PhD in Astronomy, 36 years after dropping out of school to join the band. Even after decades of touring, drugs and fighting off advances from Freddie Mercury (he had Aids), May never lost his passion for "zodiacal dust clouds." Nice.

The mighty Washington Nationals completed their 3 game sweep of the Reds with a 7-3 beatdown. Pre-Game Dump will be at RFK this weekend to witness the Nats put the final nail in the Cards' coffin.

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