Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Morning Dump

Excellent win for DC United last night, as they topped Golden Balls and the LA Galaxy 1-0 in front of a packed house at RFK.

AK is our resident soccer expert, but I watched the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, Becks didn't come into the game until the 72nd minute, but when he did the crowd went nuts. His drawing power and star power in general is truly impressive. Watching his interview after the game, I can't help but like the guy. He's excited to be playing in the US, is appreciative of the support he's receiving here and seems like a good teammate. I for one, am glad he's here. If that makes me a lame soccer fan, so be it.

Nats got it done 3-1 in San Fran to break even for the series against the Giants. Bring on the D-Backs. Joel Hanrahan got it done again--the kid is legit.

And how about Rick Ankiel? The guy was doing his best Roy Hobbs impression last night, hitting a 3 run HR in his MLB return. If you dont remember, Ankiel was one of the best young arms in baseball a few years back. Then his arm went wild in the 2000 playoffs and his career was derailed. He turned himself from a pitcher into an outfielder, and was destroying Triple A this year (32 HR). Scott Spezio's trip to rehab opened the door for Ankiel to get called up to St. Louis, and he's already showing he belongs in the bigs. Great story. PGD is rooting for you, Rick.

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