Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday Morning Dump: Brought to you by Brent Musburger...'s liver

Hey did you guys know Brady Quinn's sister is here and she's dating AJ Hawk and Tom Zbikowski is a boxer and hey Fouts what the fuck did you do with my beer?

If there's one college football announcer I hate, it's Brent. He's so full of himself and loves to kiss the ass of whatever big-time program that he's covering any given Saturday...but this is just awesome:

I love it. Brent appears to be absolutely blasted during this telecast and it's really not surprising that CBS let him go shortly after this telecast. I always had a feeling that Brent has been on air probably more times drunk than he has been sober. Remember when Lincoln police nailed him for bringing an open beer OUT of the Pitt/Nebraska game in 2005?

The best part is probably the fact that he sounds like he's calling a football game...but it's New Year's Eve coverage. I have no idea what he's trying to say right before the ball is dropped. Something about rain? Your guess is as good (bad) as mine.

If you double click on the YouTube video and go to the actual YT site, you'll discover that this was recorded on...a BetaMax. Quality. Apparently at least 1 person bought one of those things.

Paul Thompson Sighting

While the PT sighting itself wasn't surprising, the circumstances were: Playing QB for the Packers in a pre-season intrasquad scrimmage. For a guy that reportedly runs a legitimate 4.4, with size, why the hell is Thompson messing around with his SECOND best position in the NFL? Totally puzzling.

New Gillette Commercial

Talk about talent. I wonder how much Gillette forked over to get these 3 guys to do this?

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