Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Global warming sucks, but I need to run A/C because it sucks...WTF

Ugh. I'm sure there's a million people telling you that it's hot as balls outside, and a million more whining about it. But it really is insane. Just to humor/torture myself I pulled up a couple instances of and queued up the DC and Miami 10 day forecasts. Miami has the more temperate forecast...and it's really not even close. They only touch the mid 90s once or twice and most of the days are in the mid 80s. DC is actually around 100 today and 90s most of the rest of the days.


I was outside for approximately 43 seconds yesterday trying to clean my lawnmower's spark plug. I came in dripping sweat with something like 8 mosquito bites on my ankles. I live in a semi-wooded area, and with this humidity, the mosquitoes were literally having like some kind of orgy. I saw a grouping of them that resembled ants on some random dead carcass. Never seen mosquitoes swarming like that. These bastards are a few doses of HGH away from making a low budget Sci-Fi Channel movie become horribly itchy science fact.

I also tried to go for a run outside last night. That was a pretty stupid idea. I'm not in the best shape...not by far, but my cardiovascular system at least has the memory of exercise and strain in the past few weeks. I barely made it 20 minutes before heading back. Checked the weather at 9:45pm...still 90 degrees with ridonkulous humidity.

Cannot fucking wait for fall to get here. CFB, NFL, futbol, baseball playoffs, reasonable weather. I really can't imagine how people lived prior to air conditioning and casual dress codes. Can you even fathom the idea of working in an un-airconditioned office wearing a suit and tie on a 99 degree day? I can, but that situation is followed immediately in sequence with a bullet through my temple.

I have a theory about BQ/Jamarcus. It's the same reason Matt Leinart held out: who in their right mind wants to play behind those offensive a rookie? If they hold out through training camp, they don't have enough reps to be thrown into the fire. Some other poor schmuck has to come in and get molested by Shawn Merriman. I don't think it's so much that they're holding out for money, they're holding out because of self preservation.

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