Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Morning Dumpage

Ugh. Monday again. At least we had another great sports weekend to keep us distracted until football starts for real.

Nice comeback win for the Nats yesterday over the NL West leading D-Backs. Upcoming 6 game homestand against the Phillies and Mets will give the Nats a great chance to play spoiler in the NL East and Wild Card races and to get ready for their run for the division crown next year. Bring it, bitches.

Of course, Tiger rolled over everyone at Southern Hills and claimed his 13th major with a 2 stroke victory in the PGA Championship. The guy is a machine. Nice showings by Ernie Els and Woody Austin kept things pretty interesting all day.

The Centurion Boats at the Glen made for some great Sunday afternoon entertainment. An absolutely insane road race that saw Tony Stewart spin out halfway through the race, only to come back and snag the win after leader Jeff Gordon spun out out in pretty much the exact same spot with only a few laps to go. That gives smoke 3 wins in his last 4 races. Guy is going to be a serious factor in the Chase. Juan Pablo Montoya and Kevin Harvick have major beef after JPM was bumped from behind by Martin Truex, Jr., knocking him into Harvick and spinning them both out of the race. Harvick immediately blocked Montoya's car, jumped out and confronted him. A pussy-ish shoving matched ensued. Good times. NASCAR should take a page from hockey and just let these guys throw down. Who wouldn't tune in if there was a chance for huge car crashes AND brawls between pit crews?

That's all for now. Up later today: AK will talk soccer. I'll bullshit about the NFL. A virgin sacrifice will be made to Dan Marino.

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