Thursday, August 2, 2007

Morning Dump

Happy Thursday, everyone. First of all, our thoughts and condolences go out to everyone in Minneapolis.

Barry Bonds still stuck at 754. At this point, it's getting a little out of hand. ESPN is cutting in live to every one of his at bats. It seems like they have been doing this for years now. He's gonna break the record. Great. Honestly, does it matter all that much? Most fans and pretty much everyone in the media hates the guy. He's an asshole, we get it. Isn't A-Rod going to break Bonds' record in a few years anyway?

Randy Moss got hurt at practice. Sweet! Dolphins fans rejoice. Let's just hope it's of the season ending variety. Nothing personal Randy, but fuck the Patriots. (

Other NFL stuff:

Vince Young got in a fight at practice and punched a guy in the helmet with his throwing hand. Genius.

Michael Strahan feels "betrayed" by the Giants. Get over it, Strahan. You are 35 years old and a huge injury risk. How you can expect a new contract at your age and diminshed skill level is beyond anyone with a shred of common sense. We know your wife is cleaning you out with the divorce, but that is not the Giants' fault. $ 4 million is more than fair for your sorry ass.

Daunte Culpepper is a Raider. As a life long Dolphins fan, its hard for me to comment objectively on this one. Of course we all had high hopes for Daunte last year--hopes that were ruthlessly crushed. I blame it on Saban for rushing Culpepper back from his knee injury. He just wasn't ready to come back and play behind a shitty O-Line. I'll admit that the Fins did not handle Daunte's release well either. No hard feelings, C-Pepp. You busted your ass rehabbing your mangled knee. That's all anyone could have asked for. I don't think you will enjoy your time behind the Raiders O-Line, since it's even worse than the Dolphins', but good luck.

Finally, it seems that the Russians are trying to stake a claim on the ocean floor below the North Pole. Assholes. You can put all the flags you want on the seabed, comrades. It doesn't mean the land/resources down there now belong to you. If you don't watch your shit, we are gonna send Jack Ryan to get all Hunt For Red October on your asses. You've been warned. (

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AK said...

I think Daunte just loves getting sacked

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