Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Also, we really hate this guy:

On the right, that's Brady Quinn, ex-Notre Dame QB, future Brown (whenever he ends his stupid fucking holdout) and general asswipe, grabbing a another guys junk. Nice. Notice how he and his buddies are all dressed exactly the same. Douchebags.
For the record, I know these pics are old and all the major sports blogs had a field day with this shit. But we really, really don't like Quinn, and want to make that perfectly clear on our first day. We'll try to be a bit more current from now on.

Much Adu about Europe

American soccer "prodigy" Freddy Adu is finally getting his...uh, due. After riding the bench quite often at D.C. United and being traded to pitiful Real Salt Lake this past off-season, the 20 year old phenom is poised to make the jump to Europe. After fielding attention from Celtic of the Scottish league and Tottenham of the English, Portuguese power Benfica have come calling with about $2 million for the midfielder (seen here working absolute magic against the Brazil U-20 team a month ago).

This is precisely what Freddy needs. The Portuguese league is not one of the big boys so to speak, but it's a great place for a young player to develop. There are enough poor teams in the Portuguese league that Adu won't be pummeled by ruthless defenders and large holding midfielders.

He'll get a chance to learn from some quality attacking players in winger Simao and central midfielder Rui Costa. Adu would be served well to develop in the mold of Simao.

Also joining him if he makes the move (and it's all but certain now) are Argentine youngsters Di Maria and Alvarez, who along with Adu both tore up the U-20 World Cup this past month in Canada.

For those unfamiliar (most of you, no doubt), the Portuguese league has 3 top teams. Benfica, FC Porto, and Sporting Lisbon.

Porto actually won the 2004 Champions League under then coach Jose Mourinho.

Hopefully Adu can see some significant playing time in both domestic league play and across Europe in UEFA competition.

Welcome...please disregard the smell

Welcome to PGD. The title for this thing came about from a...er, "meeting of minds". Basically JB and I were talking about names for our blog, fresh off the stink of a discussion about shitting. I was catharthisizing (this is not a word, instincts and Firefox 2.0 tell me so) about my need for a venue to vent about all the idiots/retards/D.C motorists I'm exposed to each day. Realizing that much of our discussion revolves around sports and more recently how to sooth the blueballing resulting from enhanced College Football coverage with no actual CFB to watch, we settled on a semi-sports themed blog.

But as with all good blogs written by people with the correct balance of chromosomes, we can't just limit ourselves to sports, even though we're two of the biggest sports fans we know. And frankly there are just too fucking many stupid people out there that I need to touch upon that ostensibly have nothing to do with sports (though most of them nearly hitting me with their cars on Florida Ave. are likely Redskins fans).

The title really reflects a few things:

1) Guys talk about poop (more on my fecal theories to come).
2) Pre-game rituals are universal and loosely ties into a semi-sports theme.
3) Though we've no aversion to reporting things that are awesome, anybody with the slightest clue knows this: the world fucking sucks, people are stupid, and E!SPN is clueless. Therefore we will be commenting on quite a few shitty things, verbally dumping on people, etc.

That being said there's really nothing off limits here: Sports (obviously), TV, movies, pop culture, video games, personal life accounts (I'm sure you're thrilled), bitching about work, bitching about traffic, bitching about RFK Stadium, chronicling my morbidly hilarious attempts to find a girlfriend. You get the idea.

This will be updated fairly often and expect it to pick up momentum once football (America, European, Australian alike) season kicks into gear.

Welcome to PGD

Welcome to Pre Game Dump. We started this blog for a number of reasons. As reasonably well educated and incredibly opinionated people, we figured this would be something interesting to try. As you can tell by our title, we also find poop jokes very funny. This is not a pure sports blog per say, because we plan to bullshit about anything we find interesting or particularly infuriating, but there will be a lot of talk about sports. You’ll get our takes on major stories. We’ll hate all over the teams and players we really can’t stand (here’s to you, Brady Quinn). Pop culture and politics will also be squarely in the crosshairs.

To be honest, neither of us really knows what to expect with this thing. As you can see from our blogroll, there are a ton of really, really good sports blogs out there. They helped inspire us to do this, and many of them actually try to break stories. We promise not to even try to be anything resembling legitimate journalists. We are going to throw a bunch of shit against the wall for our amusement and see what, if anything sticks. And if we manage to say something remotely insightful from time to time, good for us. Thanks for stopping by. Check out our links. And remember, anytime you are about to go do something important-be it a job interview, first date, play in Game 7 of the Finals—whatever, really—take a moment to gather yourself, relax and take a pre game dump. You’ll feel, and perform, much better.

Welcome. Grab something to read. The seat is nice and warm...

This is the Pre-Game Dump, where our need to babble about sports and shit that bothers us aggregates on a daily basis. Feel free to drop us a friendly line or scathing hate mail: pregamedump@gmail.com