Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Much Adu about Europe

American soccer "prodigy" Freddy Adu is finally getting his...uh, due. After riding the bench quite often at D.C. United and being traded to pitiful Real Salt Lake this past off-season, the 20 year old phenom is poised to make the jump to Europe. After fielding attention from Celtic of the Scottish league and Tottenham of the English, Portuguese power Benfica have come calling with about $2 million for the midfielder (seen here working absolute magic against the Brazil U-20 team a month ago).

This is precisely what Freddy needs. The Portuguese league is not one of the big boys so to speak, but it's a great place for a young player to develop. There are enough poor teams in the Portuguese league that Adu won't be pummeled by ruthless defenders and large holding midfielders.

He'll get a chance to learn from some quality attacking players in winger Simao and central midfielder Rui Costa. Adu would be served well to develop in the mold of Simao.

Also joining him if he makes the move (and it's all but certain now) are Argentine youngsters Di Maria and Alvarez, who along with Adu both tore up the U-20 World Cup this past month in Canada.

For those unfamiliar (most of you, no doubt), the Portuguese league has 3 top teams. Benfica, FC Porto, and Sporting Lisbon.

Porto actually won the 2004 Champions League under then coach Jose Mourinho.

Hopefully Adu can see some significant playing time in both domestic league play and across Europe in UEFA competition.

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