Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to PGD

Welcome to Pre Game Dump. We started this blog for a number of reasons. As reasonably well educated and incredibly opinionated people, we figured this would be something interesting to try. As you can tell by our title, we also find poop jokes very funny. This is not a pure sports blog per say, because we plan to bullshit about anything we find interesting or particularly infuriating, but there will be a lot of talk about sports. You’ll get our takes on major stories. We’ll hate all over the teams and players we really can’t stand (here’s to you, Brady Quinn). Pop culture and politics will also be squarely in the crosshairs.

To be honest, neither of us really knows what to expect with this thing. As you can see from our blogroll, there are a ton of really, really good sports blogs out there. They helped inspire us to do this, and many of them actually try to break stories. We promise not to even try to be anything resembling legitimate journalists. We are going to throw a bunch of shit against the wall for our amusement and see what, if anything sticks. And if we manage to say something remotely insightful from time to time, good for us. Thanks for stopping by. Check out our links. And remember, anytime you are about to go do something important-be it a job interview, first date, play in Game 7 of the Finals—whatever, really—take a moment to gather yourself, relax and take a pre game dump. You’ll feel, and perform, much better.

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